Jesus Hates You Now


(2013) Running time: 78 minutes
Co-Starring: Benjamin Bruce Bales, Gregory Du
Melinda Siomiak and Stacy Gill
Written and Directed by Tristan Newcomb

With Music by Zen Debris, Tsuyoshi Oyama, Eddie Aispuro
Featuring art by Melinda Siomiak, Mariah Min, Ryan Bulis
Clare Little, Sommer Roman, Jessica Carino Oropesa

“I don’t throw around the word “genius” often — maybe ever. But this experience, Jesus Hates You Now, is a profound work of art. I watched it straight through, with an expression of disbelief on my face, my jaw agape, and the overwhelming feeling that this could be the strangest thing I’d ever seen.” – Katherine Sweetman, Reviewer News Network

Click here to watch it on Vimeo
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Click here to download the high-quality HD movie file for $3.99

Jesus Hates You Now on Facebook. An interview about making JHYN (with thanks to K.S.)


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