Sword of Digestive Calmness

I should explain this one…

I was reluctant to do a puppet movie as my second feature-length project, because of what that might peg me as – a fellow doing “puppet movies”…so I had an idea of going a bit meta and letting a certain puppet character – an apologetic, food-allergic canine named Skiddles – be the filmmaker in this equation. I had done a few shorts with him attempting various media projects, so…why not give him a feature-length movie to direct? Unfortunately, this movie is the answer to that why.

Originally, it was going to be a movie about the making of the movie being made by the puppet…but it seemed more amusing to remove the “making of” layer and just show the final movie that resulted from the character’s “vision” colliding with his infinitesimal budget and wistful overthinking. So yes, a bit autobiographical, I suppose – but it became the opposite of a vanity project – the absolutely the most ill-chosen project possible, for both Skiddles and whatever career I imagined I was clawing toward. These days, I wonder what the hell made me do it. I’ve even been tempted to bury it. But it’s Skiddles’ movie, and I feel like he would prefer it continues to exist because he tried very very very hard, in his own way…

(reaches for vodka) (so should you, before you watch)

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One thought on “Sword of Digestive Calmness

  1. Just out of curiosity, is there a longer version of this somewhere? The page on Amazon where DVDs used to be available says it’s 108 minutes, which is almost twice as long. If it exists, I’d like to see it.


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