Summer of the Chew Toy Soul


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The Soundtrack:  is a kind of general Lumalin soundtrack, some of the songs are used in several Lumalin flicks. They’re encoded at 320 kbps and bundled into a zip file for downloading. Now you can take your existential puppety headspace anywhere: shopping, commuting, loitering. A couple of the more manic tracks, like “Dobo Leaves the Meadow”, are designed to induce states of extreme zealotry and megalomania in overthinking individuals, tightening your jaws and making your eyes wet with conviction.

T R A C K S:
1. “Death Without the Dog Calendar” – Tristan Newcomb
2. “English Lesson (Opening Credits)” – Tsuyoshi Oyama
3. “I Review Games for Wine Molecules” – Tristan Newcomb
4. “You’re the Best (the Nintendobo song)” – Tsuyoshi Oyama
5. “Dobo is First to the Guillotine” – Tristan Newcomb
6. “Follow the Wire to Dobo’s Grave” – Tristan Newcomb
7. “Short Life” – Tsuyoshi Oyama
8. “Dobo Leaves the Meadow” – Tristan Newcomb
9. “Visit Puragtory” – Tristan Newcomb
10. “Dobo Walks Up a Tree” – Tristan Newcomb
11. BONUS TRACK “Theme to Jesus Hates You Now” – Tsuyoshi Oyama
12. BONUS TRACK “Dobo Leaves the Meadow (Alt. Version)” – Tristan Newcomb

Total running time: 45 minutes.   Full soundtrack – $2.99





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