These movies are strange and bitter comedies about death, failure and intellectual dissatisfaction…mostly using puppets.

A puppeteer named Roman Paska once wrote: “I can think of many good aesthetic and poetic reasons why I work with puppets, but they can’t really explain what moved me to be a puppeteer…demon instinct tells me things my mind can never fathom; that, for instance, the puppet is more intent on being real than being symbolic…but deep inside, I know that puppet theater is as irrational and unnecessary as nature. Like a bird, a planet or a disease. And despite all efforts to feather a nest for puppet theater in contemporary society, it remains a fundamentally deviant, subversive, marginal art form. That might be the most strange and marvelous thing about it.” (1992)

Each movie took about a year to do. They are a bit contemplative and surreal (especially OIPLF) – so I recommend a cocktail (or five) – or whatever gets you deep in the headspace for such things. I’m afraid this site doesn’t really have news or updates, I just kind of slog away on something for months and then release it, the updates and inside info usually happen over on the Patreon for those nice folks. But if you’re reading this, somehow you wound up here. So howdy. (handshake)

For the last few years, the main Lumalin project has been Never Got Famous. To subscribe to the Lumalin YouTube channel, click here. And if you would like to help out with all the projects, human and puppet, become a Patreon supporter by clicking here.

Long live existential partial-puppet cinema…*fading cough*


P.S. And to other filmmakers taking the dirt road… “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville





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