FAIRFAXE…is a novel about an overthinking bipedal canine – and it’s also the really the huge Labyrinth-esque puppet project I could never afford to film. Ever since I was young, and had first read Crime and Punishment, I had always wanted to write a novel with a central character who was philosophically embittered and adrift in a world of non-thinkers (or “less-thinkers”, to be more accurate). However, I was also (when young) feeling that irresistible pull to write a fantasy novel of my own after reading The Hobbit. Fairfaxe is the result. I think it is probably a novel for overthinking and solitary children, but I could also see it being the first fantasy novel for bitter intellectuals who can’t help feeling scorn for all that fantasy-trope adoration out there (though that damn Game of Thrones is so well-acted).

Here is the first chapter, if you’re curious…

And here’s where you can get the whole PDF…

Also available as a paperback and Kindle file.






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