Demo Noir

DEMO NOIR: a theater piece disguised as a doomed software demonstration.

In other words, it’s a play, but written and staged to fool people into believing that it’s just another public demonstration of a software product…for awhile. Then it all gets very strange…

So at the start, every technical claim made about the software is either a lie or misdirection. The goal is to keep the audience believing it’s an actual demo, no matter how absurd or bizarre it gets.

Originally, the name for this fake software group was “GRRF: The Gaming Response Research Foundation”…

Ars Technica wrote an article on one of the 2009 performances.

There were times when the atmosphere would get quite toxic, like this 2007 performance…

A longer performance was recorded and released as part of a feature-length movie…

GRRF Poster

On DVD: Amazon Marketplace – $5.99

(Comes with bonus “Sword of Digestive Calmness” DVD)

Instant Viewing: Amazon Video – $1.99

(With many, many thanks to Brett Stalbaum for his long-standing support and participation, as well as coining the term Demo Noir.)






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