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They washed up on the shores of Lumalin, apparently – where they now stare at the universe in fear, sometimes in awe, and then with deflated boredom. So please, don’t let your adulthood’s atrophied enthusiasm, or smoldering elitism, or even the certainty that death = oblivion keep you from loving puppet movies again. We just require a different sort of puppet movie now. I couldn’t quite find any out there, so I ended up making them.

I grew up on Henson, as did so many of you, no doubt. But making feature-length puppet movies these days – especially surrealist ones – is a kind of exhausting, slow-motion Don Quixote charge off into the desert of filmmaking obscurity. But I can’t help it – puppets are philosophically irresistible conduits for the strangest thoughts and blasphemies you can have, since they are figuratively a someone/everyone without actually being an identifiable anyone, if you know what I mean. And I confess, I’m still can’t wrap my head around the process of keeping human actors engaged for a whole-year microbudget shoot.

Each of these projects took between 9 and 12 months to do, with lots of tile-floor bruises, angst and caffeinated delusion – but I made the movies should be totally free to watch: no ads, no fields to fill in, none of that. I would love it someday if everything was “pay as you exit”. Not likely, I know, but getting your money up front is what makes them (the dreaded “them”) get away with Tammy and Transformers 4 and Grown Ups 2 and [insert your least liked movie here]. So Lumalin is all free, with tip jar links beneath the movies. Watch whichever ones ya want first, and only tip if any of them seem worth it to ya. If you’re a bit strapped for cash, you can share the movie links around, that helps a lot. If you’re already wanting to donate, here’s a big cute oversized donation button.

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And if you want your own HD copies of these movies at the highest audio/video quality, you’ll find a link to buy and download the movie file on each page (not expensive).

So just settle back, perhaps sip/ingest your favorite movie relaxant enhancer (highly recommended), and turn off the lights. Headphones (or good speakers), if you can.

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