Calling them comedies isn’t quite right, because they’re so utterly dissatisfied and strange. Puppets keep showing up, but these aren’t really puppet movies. Philosophy of a caffeinated sort keeps rushing in – so maybe…Existential Partial-Puppet Coffee-Flavored-Valium Vexation Comedy Cinema?

Roman Paska in 1992: “I can think of many good aesthetic and poetic reasons why I work with puppets, but they can’t really explain what moved me to be a puppeteer…demon instinct tells me things my mind can never fathom; that, for instance, the puppet is more intent on being real than being symbolic…but deep inside, I know that puppet theater is as irrational and unnecessary as nature. Like a bird, a planet or a disease. And despite all efforts to feather a nest for puppet theater in contemporary society, it remains a fundamentally deviant, subversive, marginal art form. That may be the most strange and marvelous thing about it.”

And not to drift into manifesto-land, but…why would anyone do an indie movie, if they don’t do the utterly strange and unique movies that are secretly haunting their thoughts, and that they wish they had found in the world? – but had to make it themselves instead. Why suffer all the labor and daily doubts of micro-budget feature-length filmmaking, if all you want to do is a version of something already out there, studio made? The one glimmering vial of magic potion in indieland is its total freedom, so you gotta take a deep breath and just drink it (and prepare yourself for the sympathetic looks from a friend who is off to start their glamorous job in the mail room at Sony Pictures). Your freedom-spattered projects will have their ups and downs, but there probably won’t be anything else like them on the planet…anywhere…

Each Lumalin movie took about a year to write, shoot and edit. They’re all free to watch (except for Hell Leaks Laughter, which for a slew of reasons is only sold to willing buyers). There are tip jar links beneath each movie, so…watch them first, and then you can tip if they seem worth tipping. If you’re already wanting to tip, here’s a big puppety tip button…

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So just settle back, perhaps sip/ingest your favorite movie relaxation enhancer (highly recommended), and turn down the lights. Headphones (or good speakers), if you can.

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Long live existential partial-puppet stimulant…etc. *cough*

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