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They washed up on the shores of Lumalin as introspective wastrels, staring at the universe in fear, awe and deflated boredom. So please, don’t let adulthood’s atrophied enthusiasm, or your own smoldering elitism, or even your knowledge that death = oblivion keep you from loving puppet movies again. You just require a more cognitive sort of puppet movie now. Peruse the titles in the menu above. You may find a strange new puppet favorite.

Why puppets? *cough* Which is short for, why spend years making bizarre puppet films that the overwhelming majority of the population will never take seriously, due to puppet prejudice? There’s several reasons, the biggest one being that puppets are philosophically irresistible conduits for strange thoughts and blasphemies, since they are figuratively a someone/everyone without actually being an anyone, if you know what I mean. The most practical reason: I’m still not quite sure how to keep actors around for a year-long microbudget shoot.

Each project took between 9 and 12 months of work, scuffed knees, tile-floor bruises, angst, caffeinated delusion – but the movies are free to watch, no ads, no fields to fill in, none of that. Any donations are very very appreciated.

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And if you want your own HD copies of these movies at the highest audio/video quality, you’ll find a link to buy and download the movie file on each page.

So just settle back, perhaps sip/ingest your favorite movie enhancers (highly recommended), and turn off the lights. Headphones (or good speakers) for full surrealist puppet immersion.

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Best of luck to ya, Tristan

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