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Don’t let apathy, thwarted ambitions, or even the fact that death = oblivion keep you from loving puppet movies. You just require a different sort of puppet movie now.

Making feature-length puppet movies when you’re not a Henson – especially bizarre, blasphemous ones – is like a rough road to nowhere. But puppets are such irresistible conduits for odd thoughts and philosophies, since they’re figuratively an everyone.

Perhaps it was best explained by Roman Paska in 1992:

“I can think of many good aesthetic and poetic reasons why I work with puppets, but they can’t really explain what moved me to be a puppeteer…demon instinct tells me things my mind can never fathom; that, for instance, the puppet is more intent on being real than being symbolic…but deep inside, I know that puppet theater is as irrational and unnecessary as nature. Like a bird, a planet or a disease. And despite all efforts to feather a nest for puppet theater in contemporary society, it remains a fundamentally deviant, subversive, marginal art form. That may be the most strange and marvelous thing about it.”

Each project takes about a year to complete. The movies are totally free to watch. No ads, no fields to fill in, nothin’, just movie. Maybe someday all media will be “pay as you exit”. Not likely, I know, but taking your money up front is what makes them (the dreaded them) get away with Tammy and Last Airbender and Grown Ups 2 and [insert your least liked movie here]. Lumalin movies just have modest tip jar links beneath, so you can watch them first, and then tip whatever seems worth tipping. If you want to donate now, here’s a big puppety donation button…

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And if you want your own HD copies of these movies at the highest audio/video quality, you’ll find links to buy and download the HD movie file on each page (not expensive).

So just settle back, perhaps sip/ingest your favorite movie relaxation enhancer (highly recommended), and turn down the lights. Headphones (or good speakers), if you can.

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